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In October I participated in a beautiful and unforgettable Art event near Yogyakarta. Together with 33 other artists from all over the world we painted together, held discussions, exchanged intercultural and observed the development of Indonesian Art. We ate, shared, laughed, danced and had a wonderful unforgettable time in the middle of the breathtaking environment of Omah Petroek. We made each three paintings which were exhibited at Jogja Gallery in Yogyakarta.

Quote from the catalogue: FOREWORD FROM HADI SOESANTO

Yogyakarta has more than just culture, it’s a lively city with many artists with abundant of creativity, uniqueness, and represent both traditional and culture. Most artists are able make brilliant concept, composition and techniques with their works. Experiences of each artist can introduces the artist themselves, their ideas, and the culture of their countries. The greatest challenge for the artist is whether they are able to use all their attributes and create a style that can ignite the viewers’ imagination“.

Hadi Soesanto | Founder of Yogyakarta International Art Festival

Quote from the catalogue: FOREWORD FROM JOGJA GALLERY 

The presence of 31 artists from 15 countries and 3 from Indonesia sttending the Art camp of Yogyakarta Art Festival is an event that solidifies international friendship. They will paint together, hold discussions, cultural exchanges, and directly observe the development of Indonesian visual art, while at the same time enjoying tourism and culinary varieties in Jogja. A combination of activities with multidimensional effects. Ans certainly they will become Public Relations for Indonesia, especially Yogyakarta.Thank you for the trust of HasoeArt and the sponsors and donors for their supports. Indonesian visual art, never cease to spread the spirit of world peace and friendship”

KRMT Indro Kimpling Suseno, SH | Director of Jogja Gallery

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